Rocket Health extends services to small and medium enterprises (FSME-U)

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Rocket Health has entered into a partnership with
the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Uganda (FSME-U), with the objective of extending quality, affordable and convenient healthcare to members of FSME-U and their families.

Under this partnership, FSME-U shall identify the medical needs of its members and recommend to them Rocket Health’s outpatient services. FSME-U shall also mobilise and coordinate member engagement activities including medical camps, health talks, and sensitisation seminars. 

‘’We are happy to partner with Rocket Health, which has demonstrated a high level of innovation to revolutionise access to healthcare. We believe they are the right partner for SMEs whose healthcare needs are often not catered for by mainstream players,’’ John Walugembe, Executive Director, FSME-U.

FSME-U Executive Director John Walugembe addresses the press.

Rocket Health will provide outpatient healthcare services to members of FSME-U, and provide information on new products, services, campaigns, and running promotions to members of FSME-U.

Rocket Health will also extend its Wallet service to SMEs which is designed to cover the healthcare needs of individuals and small groups. 

‘’Rocket Health is providing access to quality, affordable and convenient healthcare for everyone. This partnership with FSME-U offers us an opportunity to serve SMEs by introducing a wallet where they can deposit money to take care of their employees’ healthcare needs,’’ Silvester Stallone, Rocket Healths Commercial Lead for B2B Engagement said.

Rocket Healths Commercial Lead, Silvester Stallone explains the Wallet service.

About Rocket Health

Rocket Health is a telemedicine provider, operating a 24/7 call center manned by qualified and licensed medical doctors. With remote doctor consultations, mobile laboratory sample pick-ups, and pharmacy deliveries, Rocket Health offers a unique end-to-end experience that guarantees quality, reliable and convenient healthcare.

Rocket Health is currently expanding its service offering geographically by opening a clinic in Gayaza and operating a wholesale business for clinics, laboratories, and pharmaceutical supplies.  

About FSME-U

The Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises – Uganda is a membership-driven organisation established to equip small and medium enterprises for success and growth by ensuring that there is a conducive environment for business and access to quality business development services.

Prepared by Daniel Mumbere

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