Frequently Asked Questions

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About Rocket Health

About us

What is Rocket Health?

Rocket Health is a bundled service of The Medical Concierge Group, a licensed and registered clinic, laboratory and pharmacy.


We offer telemedicine healthcare services such as doctor consultations through phone calls, Whatsapp and SMS, laboratory sample pickups and medicine delivery at your convenience and from any location within Kampala.

I have read about the term telemedicine. What is that all about?

Telemedicine signifies the use of information communication technology (ICT) to increase patient's access to medical care and information.


At Rocket Health, we offer health care services where distance, time and income is a critical factor. Our licensed health care professionals use Whatsapp, phone calls, SMS and email to exchange information for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries. This is all in the interest of advancing the health of individuals and their communities.

Our Experience

How have you been known before?

Our customers in Uganda and all over the world have referred to us as Whatsapp Doctors, Doctors-On-Call, Social Media Doctors and many more.


In recognition of this relationship, and as one of many steps to enhance our service delivery to our direct customers, we have introduced a new service that we have branded ‘ROCKET HEALTH’.

What is your experience over the years?

Under the name of our parent company, The Medical Concierge Group, we have provided telehealth services for multiple research and public health programs spanning over 50 districts in Uganda. This work has been in partnership with leading organisations like USAID, UNICEF, Ministry of Health, JSI, World Vision, Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) as well as other international organisations.


It is this diverse and rich experience that we have packaged to extend to more members of the public through our Rocket advantage plans.

Our Services

What services does Rocket Health offer?

Our suite of services includes:

  • a telemedicine/teleconsultation (doctor consultation) service
  • Delivery of mobile and laboratory services
  • A clinic for physical engagement, home and clinic vaccination services
  • Chronic care management 
  • An online e-shop for purchase of pharmaceutical and laboratory services.

All these are offered as part of subscription packages that bundle all these benefits for your convenience.

Who is this designed for?
  • Are you a university student in need of medical information on topics like reproductive health?
  • Are you swamped at the office with pressing deadlines?
  • Do you find the cost of accessing medical care for you and your family high?
  • Are you feeling unwell and are unable to leave your home to visit a health centre?
  • Do you have type 2 diabetics and hypertension and have challenges accessing medical attention and drugs to help you manage that condition?
  • Do you have a dependant with hypertension and diabetes that you need to be monitored closely?
  • Do you have a medical insurance card and would like access to remote medical care?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'YES' this service is designed for you. Irrespective of one's age, our health care plans are tailored to meet all your out-patient medical needs wherever you are and at your convenience.

What are the available packages, and what is their pricing?
  • Supreme Advantage UGX 400,000 per individual per year
  • Family Advantage at UGX 650,000 per year
  • Enterprise Advantage UGX 210,000 per year
  • Ultimate Advantage packages from as low as UGX 600,000 

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What benefits will I receive by subscribing for a package?

Each package has its own set of features and benefits. Common features across all packages;

  • An annual medical check-up.
  • Remote medical consultations via a call / SMS / WhatsApp.
  • Pick-up laboratory samples from your doorstep around Kampala at discounted prices.
  • Medicine deliveries to your doorstep around Kampala at discounted prices.
  • A telemedicine clinic for physical medical examinations on appointment.
  • Weekly wellness messages.
How exactly does the service work?

We offer telemedicine services to those who have subscribed to one of our Rocket Advantage packages. These services include 24-hour access to medical consultations through our USSD code *280#, phone call, SMS, WhatsApp or email. We also offer mobile laboratory and pharmacy services, and face to face consultations through our telemedicine clinic.


To subscribe for any of our packages, customers can dial *280*5# to subscribe. Once registration is complete, our consultant will call you back and take you through our suite of services.

What are the restrictions of the packages?

Our packages are open to everyone, regardless of age and health status.

How different is this offering from medical insurance?

Our packages have been designed following many years of market research and insights. They focus on out-patient and wellness services that usually take up the majority of healthcare needs for most people.


Through our pre-paid service, one is able to get unlimited consultations with medical professionals conveniently through voice calls, message chat or video calls at any time of the day or night and from any location. One is also able to get discounted medicine and laboratory services also conveniently delivered to your home or office.


The packages are much more affordable and can be accessed from anywhere so long as you have a phone or internet. Every subscribed member will get a unique ID and this is what they will need for us to identify them for any interactions on the various communication platforms.

What if I don't have the internet but I need to consult a doctor?

You can access Rocket Health services through our USSD code *280#. Alternatively, you can use our toll free line – 0800 277 015.


For non-members, they can send they can make a payment to consult our doctors through our website via

Will I be able to afford Rocket Health services?

Our services are affordable and start from as low as Ugx 100,000 per person annually. You can select a plan based on your affordability and the benefits you require.

If I am out of Kampala, will I be able to access Rocket Health services?

Yes. All consultation with a medical doctor is available 24/7 via calls, SMS and WhatsApp - 0700 100 700 regardless of your geographical location by dialing *280#

Medicine deliveries, laboratory sample pick ups and telemedicine clinic visits are currently limited to Kampala. For non-members, they can access our doctors for consultation at only Ugx 10,000.

Will I get the right treatment through Rocket Health?

We have professional and licensed medical practitioners and pharmacists to handle your health inquiries. All medical practitioners are updated on all changes in care guidelines and medicines through our medical training.

If I am not a member but want to use the services, what procedure can I follow?

For only UGX 10,000 paid via *280# or get a consultation from our licensed medical doctors and pharmacists.

How to Pay

What are the payment methods when using the services?

Payments for the services offered by Rocket Health can be made via:

  • Mobile Money
  • Debit / Credit cards
  • MoMo Pay
  • Cash
  • EFT
How will non-members pay the Ugx 10,000?

The Ugx 10,000 is payable via Mobile Money and online payment.

How long do I consult a doctor when I pay Ugx 10,000?

When you pay Ugx 10,000 for a consultation, you receive a phone call from our Doctors to discuss your condition exhaustively. Every other time you need to consult the Doctor, you will be charged again.

Can the Ugx 10,000 be used to carry out consultation for more than one person?

The consultation granted for Ugx 10,000 is for one individual.

Data Security

How private and secure will my interactions with the doctors be?

All communication with our medical team is secure and confidential. We take the utmost care to ensure the confidentiality of our customers.

Will other healthcare professionals, outside of Rocket Health, have access to my medical records?

Customers, at their discretion, can share their medical details with other health professionals. For example, one can access laboratory tests and results from Rocket Health and share with different medical personnel for specialised treatment.

Will my information be on the open internet?

No, all interactions with Rocket Health's licensed medical practitioners are confidential and securely stored on our servers.

Accessing Services

How do I access Rocket Health services?

Our services are accessible through our USSD code *280#, our toll free number 0800 277 015, by sending us a WhatsApp via 0700 100 700 or via our social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter - @RocketHealthUg

Can I access Rocket Health services even when I am out of town?

Yes, you can access Rocket Health services from wherever you are. You can consult a doctor from anywhere 24/7 on the phone and also have medicine refills for chronic care delivered upcountry by dialing *280#.


However, lab sample pick ups and vaccinations are done for clients within a 30 km radius around Kampala including the areas of Mukono, Gayaza, Entebbe and Kawanda.

Will I receive the same quality of care as if I had physically gone to see a doctor?

Yes. All our medical doctors are professional and licensed to extend the quality and personalised medical attention.

Can Rocket Health come to my rescue in case of an emergency?

Rocket Health offers only outpatient services to customers. We are able to offer emergency services at the clinic however if one contacts us over the phone, we only go as far as offering first aid instructions.

Does Rocket Health have branches in Uganda?

We are currently based in Kampala but one can consult our doctors through SMS, Whatsapp or voice call from any other location. Plans to extend our services to other areas are underway.

Signing Up

How do I sign up for your services?

At the moment, you can sign up for our services via the e-shop or dialing *280#.

Payment methods are Rocket Health Wallet, Mobile Money, EFT, Visa card or Cash to our assigned field agent.


Why should I choose telemedicine?

Telemedicine gives you the convenience and eases to access the doctor without having to move to the clinic or the doctor.

You enjoy timely consultations in the comfort of your home or office. Have physicians visit you to take laboratory samples and deliver medicines to you.

Telemedicine allows you to focus on your core business and life needs while the doctors work to extend medical facilities to you wherever you are.


About Our Insurance Partnerships

What partnership does Rocket Health have with Insurance companies?
  • Medical insurers have widened their insurance members’ service offerings by adding convenient access to healthcare with Rocket Health.
  • As a member of ICEA, GA, AAR Liberty, Prudential, Sanlam, Jubilee, UAP Old Mutual, Aetna, Bupa and Allianz, you can now have personal access to a medical doctor by calling the toll-free number provided for you by the insurer.
  • In the event that a doctor recommends laboratory tests, a laboratory technician from Rocket Health will come to your preferred location (within Kampala) and pick up the sample for testing.
  • Results will be communicated and explained by the doctor over the phone and sent to the patient/guardian by email.
  • In case the doctor prescribes medicines, a pharmacy technician from Rocket Health will have these delivered to your preferred location.
  • The same verification process using the fingerprint and medical insurance card will still be used when the Rocket Health team comes to you.
What services are the members entitled to?

A member of ICEA, GA, AAR, Liberty, Prudential, Sanlam, Jubilee, UAP Old Mutual, Aetna, Bupa or Allianz is entitled to:

  • Phone consultations with a medical doctor whenever may be necessary.
  • Collection of laboratory samples for tests recommended by the medical doctor from a preferred location within Kampala.
  • Delivery of medicines prescribed by the medical doctor within Kampala.
  • In-person clinic visits for a physical examination recommended by a medical doctor. (The Rocket Health Clinic is located along Lumumba Avenue at Rumee building on the Ground floor.)
  • Follow up phone call reviews with a medical doctor to check/report on a member’s progress with the care plan recommended to ensure desirable health outcomes.
  • Management of chronic conditions that include monthly medicine refills, routine tests and check-ups with a physician.
How can I consult the medical doctor?
  • ICEA: 0800220741
  • Liberty: 0800277010
  • Prudential: 0800277005
  • Sanlam: 0800277020
  • UAP Old Mutual: 0800220740
  • Jubilee: 0800211044
  • The toll-free numbers are available 24/7.
How can I access the laboratory services?

When a member consults with the medical doctors and a recommendation for a laboratory test(s) is made.

  • The doctor confirms the member’s preferred location and places an order for the test.
  • A licensed laboratory technician from Rocket Health arrives at the member’s location.
  • The laboratory technician verifies the insurance membership using the member’s insurance card and fingerprint.
  • The laboratory technician safely collects the sample from the patient for testing.
  • Tests are run at the licensed laboratory by the Rocket Health team.
  • The medical doctor contacts the member by phone and explains the laboratory test results.
  • The laboratory test results are sent by email to the member.
What happens if a doctor prescribes medicines for me?

When a member consults with the medical doctors and a prescription is recommended

  • The doctor confirms the member’s location and places an order for the medicine.
  • A Pharmacy technician from Rocket Health arrives at the member’s location.
  • The laboratory technician verifies insurance membership using the member’s insurance card and fingerprint.
  • The pharmacy technician hands over the medicine to the member’s preferred location.
What if I need a physical examination, what happens then?
  • In case a physical examination is required, contact Rocket Health through the toll-free line provided to you by the insurer.
  • An appointment will be scheduled at the Rocket Health clinic along Lumumba Avenue, at Rumee building on the ground floor.
  • A reminder phone call on the day of the appointment will be made by Rocket Health.
I am not based in Kampala, how do I benefit from this?

You can access Rocket Health services using your insurance by dialing *280#.

What are the Rocket Health working hours?
  • The phone consultations with our medical doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays.
  • The Rocket Health Clinic on Lumumba Avenue is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day of the week.
Where is Rocket Health Clinic located?
  • The Rocket Health Clinic is located along Lumumba Avenue on Rumee building, ground floor (next to RwandAir).
What happens in cases of emergency?
  • In case of an emergency, it is advisable to go directly to the nearest medical facility.
  • In the event that you contact the doctors through the number given to you by the insurer, the medical doctors can offer guidance on any possible first aid depending on the condition. The medical doctors will still recommend you visit the nearest medical facility that you can go to for further care.
Do you have medical specialists at Rocket Health?

The specialist services available at the clinic are:

  • Breastfeeding specialist
  • Physician
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Gynecologist
  • Pediatrician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Physiotherapist
Does the insurer take care of all expenses?
  • The insurer will take care of all expenses for their members except for the services or medicines that are not covered under the benefits.
  • The doctors will inform the members of the services and medicines that are not covered by the insurer whenever the need arises.
What is the maximum number of consultations?
  • There are no limits to how many times a member can use the service so long as they have not reached the maximum limit of their outpatient benefit cover.
How will you confirm that I am a member of a particular insurance company?
  • At the point of contacting Rocket Health whether at the Clinic or through the toll-free number, the medical doctors will request the following details:
  • Member (Principal or dependant) names
  • Insurance member number
  • Scheme/Organisation under which you are covered if any.
  • Relationship category i.e. Principal beneficiary or dependant.

Note: The dependants will be asked for the same information.

What do I need to do to be a part of this partnership?
  • Keep an active insurance cover with an outpatient cover benefit with the listed insurance partners.
I am not insured under any of the listed insurance companies but I am interested in using the service. What should I do?
  • You can subscribe to the Rocket Health annual healthcare plans that start from as low as Ugx 100,000 a year.
  • To sign up for the Rocket Health annual healthcare plans, dial *280# or visit and follow the prompts or sign up online at
  • Get more information by calling the customer support team on 0800 277015 toll-free.