Health coverage that works with your lifestyle,
helps you get the best care possible
and fits within your financial picture.

Rocket Health Wallet

The Rocket Health Wallet

A service designed to enable you to save money for you and your loved ones’ health needs.

Dial *280*6# to open up your wallet now and experience cashless healthcare


Remote Doctor Consultations

Talking to a doctor has never been easier and more affordable.

Get personalized, premium care when you speak to our licensed and experienced Medical Doctors. Our call centre is open 24/7 and you can consult in English and several local languages through chats, voice and video calls.

Dial *280# to consult with the doctor.

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Laboratory rocket health 3


We know that not everyone wants to leave their homes when they are feeling unwell, our trained laboratory professionals are ready to come to your location when you need the service.

The results are shared with you electronically after a detailed explanation by our Medical Doctors.

Dial *280*2# to make a request.


Get your medicine and other pharmacy orders delivered within hours.

We also deliver prescriptions for clients with chronic illnesses who need a regular supply of their medicine. 

Dial *280*3# to order from the pharmacy.

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Reduce your waiting time and access best-in-class care whenever you visit the Rocket Health Clinic. 

Dial *280*4# to schedule a clinic appointment. 

Vaccination Services

If you, or your child or anyone at your home needs vaccination, all you have to do is call and schedule an appointment with us. 

Our skilled nurses administer vaccines at the clinic or in the comfort of your home. 

Dial *280*4# to schedule an appointment. 

Home Vaccination Services rocket health
Wellness Tests rocket health

Wellness Test

Take charge of your health with our range of wellness tests.

Screening helps in early detection of certain preventable and controllable conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke and coronary heart disease.

Dial *280*2# to make a request.

Chronic Care Management

We make it easy for you to manage ongoing chronic conditions like type-2-diabetes and hypertension.

We offer monthly medicine refills, reminders for routine laboratory tests, reviews with a specialist and annual healthcare plans for optimum care management.

Dial *280*5# to register. 

Chronic Care Management Program rocket health

Rocket Health e-Shop

Shop for prescription medicines, over-the-counter products, mother-baby needs or any of our services. 

Deliveries to your home or office. 

Pay using Visa/Mastercard, Mobile Money or cash on delivery.

Rocket Health e-Shop rocket health


Rocket Health accepts local and international medical insurance cards from ICEA, Liberty, Prudential, Sanlam, Jubilee, UAP Old Mutual, AAR, GA, Allianz, Bupa and Aetna Insurance. 

Because we care

If you’re looking for coverage that works with your lifestyle, helps you get the best care possible and fits with your financial picture, think of Rocket Health.

We deliver personalised, affordable and quality health care through 24/7 doctor teleconsultations, pharmacy deliveries, lab sample pick ups and tests, appointment-centred clinics and healthcare plans across Africa.



Just received my shot from the comfort of my home! Thanks @RocketHealthUG for making things easy! 😁

wait, what??


@RocketHealthUG went to my parents place and checked on my mum amd gave a diagnosis! Glad to hear her smile about the new technological health innovation! She says “these young people are not the future…they are today!”
Thanks team at Rocket Health @Davisthedoc #Affordable


@RocketHealthUG is reliable. Aron and Grace are really phenomenal, they have always been of great help to me. Great thanks.

Okia Fred


Yesterday, a colleague called you guys for your services. You reached out, did all the diagnosis and later on, gave feedback from the blood samples yet with urgency, professionalism and fair charges. @RocketHealthUG, this is excellent service

Ben Atwooki


@RocketHealthUG your efficiency is highly appreciated.

Jesuis Kiden


My little one got immunised this morning thanks to @RocketHealthUG. #COVID19UG

Ruth Aine


Had a lovely experience with @RocketHealthUG. Dr. Pamela Acom was superb and educative. Tests done at home and results emailed. Thanks for this innovation @Davisthedoc

吉尔伯特 B


Going to buy all my baby care products from you guys going forward.

Nicholas Kamanzi