Client Testimonials

Rocket Health Client Testimonials
Mike @mikeinuganda: @RocketHealthUG …great service – great follow up – great, easy to use site #bigroundofapplause
Asianut @MaamaWa_Kanzi: Man @RocketHealthUG customer and delivery service is IMPECCABLE 🔥. I don’t even mind that they write ‘Charlie’ instead of ‘Shari’ every time they deliver my meds 😩
Jinny @Jinnytesi: We just got our immunization without the hustle of going to hospital thanks to @RocketHealthUG sooo convenient saved baby that painful journey from the hospital after a prick
stamina_mami @KisaakyeRebecca: @RocketHealthUG is so fast and efficient. Trust them
Patu™ @KPatu_: @RocketHealthUG really just saved me the time it was going to take getting to the closest hospital and then lining up to see a doctor
Collins Mugume @cmugume: And they delivered in less than the time it would have taken me to get to the hospital and wait to see a doctor. Well done @RocketHealthUG
Nesta Iwan 😎 @NestaIvan: Having a friend who hates going to hospital or in any case is not able to get to hospital. Engage @RocketHealthUG they will visit you, take lab samples even deliver medication
D-Nanyonjo @diyan5m: Btw give @RocketHealthUG all your money because what a wow. I just have to ask doc when she calls again if I can kusimbula or not but I think it’s okay Service delivery is perfect Bambi
charles sevume @CSevume: Thank you @RocketHealthUG the service is fantastic. My deliver came in in record time.
Gillian BK @gillianbk: Super duper service @RocketHealthUG !Thank you!
Bright Onapito @onabright: @RocketHealthUG services are as good, or even better than they advertise them. World-class. They said they would call, they did. Actually got 2 reminders for my appointment. The doctors really make you feel at home! Thank you Moses and Ruth👌
MukyalaWaCR7 @muharawomuntu: @RocketHealthUG is the plug for KN95 masks. Timely delivery too. @JTumwesigye hit them up. @Jude_Mugabi webaale ka plug.
Bazil Awill @DopeboyBazil: Good health = @RocketHealthUG
fuuka ninja @flavie3333: I really like the soft life so bambi @RocketHealthUG thank you🙏🏽. Consultation, lab samples, medication all at the comfort of my workplace. Guys I didnt have to leave and suffer in the cold😁
Michael Niyitegeka @niyimic: Big shout out to the team @RocketHealthUG !! During this lockdown your service great relief to many….. Impressive service…

吉尔伯特 B @b_guilbert: Had a lovely experience with @RocketHealthUG. Dr. Pamela Acom was superb and educative. Tests done at home and results emailed. Thanks for this innovation @Davisthedoc

Jesuis Kiden @jesuiskiden: @RocketHealthUG your efficiency is highly appreciated.
Ruth Aine @Ruthaine: My little one got immunised this morning thanks to @RocketHealthUG. #COVID19UG
Ogutu Daudi @iamogutudaudi: Guys, use @RocketHealthUG. First chill all the convinience jazz. I have never had anyone explain to me lab results as clearly and conclusively as the have. Not this thing of Doctors being ambiguous. It’s like a class. You know exactly what’s going on and it’s refreshing
Ben Atwooki @mwesige_atwooki: Yesterday, a colleague called you guys for your services. You reached out, did all the diagnosis and later on, gave feedback from the blood samples yet with urgency, professionalism and fair charges. @RocketHealthUG, this is excellent serviceOk hand