Rocket Health designated as a COVID-19 vaccination center

Rocket Health was last month designated by the Ministry of Health as an official COVID-19 vaccination center.

The development means that the Ugandans can now be vaccinated at the Rocket Health Clinic at Rumee Building along Lumumba Avenue, and during health outreaches carried out in the community by Rocket Health.

It’s part of our corporate social responsibility to work with the Government of Uganda to ensure that Ugandans receive the health care services that they need. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Dr. Stella Magambo, Clinical Manager, Rocket Health

Rocket Health is one of 20 health facilities authorised to vaccinate against COVID-19 in Kampala Central Division.

Clients can book an appointment to be served on the vaccination days of Monday and Wednesday.

Rocket Health also does home-based vaccinations against several ailments including Influenza, Hepatitis B, and the UNEPI vaccines for children.

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Story written by Daniel Mumbere.

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