Job Advert: Sonographer

Job Title: Sonographer

Reporting to: Clinical Lead/Clinic Administrator

Job Purpose

Rocket Health provides a wide range of services with an extensive list of doctors and specialists who, from time to time, may require radiology and imaging services to facilitate patient diagnosis and management.

A sonographer is therefore needed on the Rocket Health Team to run the ultrasound scan services under the radiology and imaging section. This will assist our doctors in making appropriate diagnoses and management plans for various medical conditions.

Duties and responsibilities;

        • Perform ultrasound scans/sonograms for patients as per the doctor’s requests.
        • Present the sonograms and preliminary findings to the doctors and specialists.
        • Examine images, search for differences between healthy and pathological areas, and determine if the scope of the exam should be extended based on preliminary findings.
        • Complete the appropriate documentation and maintain patients’ medical records.
        • Maintain and clean the sonographic equipment.
        • Assist specialists and healthcare teams during invasive procedures.
        • Perform medical procedures, such as administering oxygen, taking vital signs and giving emergency treatments
        • Work at different Rocket Health Hub locations as needed.
        • Assist with or conduct CMEs with clinical team members.
        • Attend clinical meetings.
        • Record complete, timely, and legible medical records.
        • Maintain patient confidentiality and comply with all national and institutional state health information privacy laws.
        • Adhere to departmental policies, procedures, and objectives; ongoing quality improvement objectives; and safety, environmental, and infection control standards.
        • Perform all other duties as assigned.

Qualification, Experience & Skill Set

        • Diploma/ Bachelor’s Degree in Radiology/ Sonography or an equivalent
        • 2+ years’ experience in sonography practice required
        • Current medical licensure with Allied Health Professionals Council / Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council

Job Skills and person specification

        • Proven work experience as a Sonographer or similar role
        • Strong technical, communication, interpersonal and patient service skills
        • The ability to explain technical terms in a clear and understandable way
        • Excellent eyesight and attention to detail
        • Strong analytical, judgmental, and decision-making skills
        • Relevant training and/or certifications as a Sonographer

Person Specifications

        • Integrity 
        • Quality 
        • Innovation 
        • Professionalism
        • Teamwork

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Deadline:  29th September, 2023

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