Job Advert: Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Job Title: Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Reporting to: Chief – Medical Services

Job Purpose

The incumbent shall provide specialized medical care and expertise in the field of gynaecology, focusing on the reproductive health of female patients. He/She will diagnose and treat a wide range of gynaecological conditions, perform surgeries when necessary, offer family planning and contraceptive guidance, manage pregnancies, and provide essential women’s healthcare services, contributing to high-quality clinical care for Rocket Health patients.

Duties and responsibilities;

        • Conducting comprehensive gynaecological examinations, including pelvic exams, breast exams, and pap smears.
        • Diagnosing and treating various gynaecological conditions, such as menstrual disorders, fertility issues, and menopause-related concerns.
        • Manage prenatal and postnatal care, including monitoring pregnancies and postpartum care.
        • Offering family planning and contraceptive counselling to patients.
        • Diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other reproductive health issues.
        • Perform various gynaecological surgeries, including hysterectomies, laparoscopic procedures, and colposcopies.
        • Educating patients on reproductive health, contraception, and family planning options.
        • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient records and documentation of patient information on the EMR
        • Adhering to medical ethics and legal requirements.
        • Collaborating with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, and sonographers, to provide comprehensive care to patients.

Qualification, Experience & Skill Set

        • Master’s degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology from a recognized institution.
        • Current medical licensure with Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioner’s Council.
        • 3+ years’ experience in gynaecology practice is required.

Job Skills and personal specification

        • Must have good clinical acumen.
        • Excellent interpersonal skills.
        • High standards of ethics and confidentiality to handle sensitive information and be able to follow policies and procedures.
        • Ability to exercise good and quick judgment, show initiative and be proactive.
        • High attention to detail.
        • Creativity and innovation.

Person Specifications

        • Integrity 
        • Quality 
        • Innovation 
        • Professionalism
        • Teamwork

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Deadline:  29th September, 2023

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