Rocket Health delivers first aid services to students and alumni at Naggalama

Rocket Health provided free first aid services to alumni of St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School, Naggalama, who were participating in the inaugural sports gala.

The sports gala brought together alumni, teachers and students of Naggalama, to have fun, network and launch what the organisers hope will become a regular sports league.

”We have alumni who have been working for some time, those who have just graduated and those still at the university. The sports gala is a platform where we can network and hopefully build enduring personal and professional relationships,” Paul Rwothomio, one of the organisers said. 

In addition to the first aid, Rocket Health also provided free doctor consultations, blood pressure checks, and body mass index.

The alumni also took up the paid services of HIV counseling and testing, and tests to determine blood group.

Rule N0.12 were crowned winners of the inaugural edition after they won the final in a penalty shootout, 3-1, against Mathias Kings.

The headmistress of the school, Mrs. Agnes Nsubuga applauded the students’ commitment to working together, citing the fact that the organising committee had students from 1993 all the way to 2019.

”The school adminsitration is impressed with the students and grateful to the sponsors. This sports gala will now be held every last Saturday of July every year,” the headmistress declared.

Other participating teams included the school team, the staff team, the Deep Sixers, Blasklisters, Kadaala FC, No Tarmac FC, PSG, Tulabe Dduka FC, Mapinduzi FC, Thunderbolts, Club North, Class of 2008, Class of 2005, and Class of 2006. 

Story written by Daniel Mumbere.

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