How to Get COVIDEX


Would you like to order for COVIDEX? We have now made access to COVIDEX easy and accessible.

You can now order for COVIDEX off the Rocket Health e-shop, through the Safeboda app or the Jumia Food app.

For Safeboda:

Open the SafeBoda app > select Food and Shop > select shop > search for Rocket Health – SafeBoda Academy.


For Jumia Food:

Open the Jumia Food app > select Pharmacy and Lab > Search for COVIDEX > Order from Rocket Health 2


You can also order for COVIDEX packages like the Rocket Health COVIDEX package 2 and the Rocket Health COVIDEX family package.

In case you have any inquiries about COVIDEX or if you’d like to make bulk orders for COVIDEX, call 0312747050 or WhatsApp (only) 0709018397.

Stay Safe!

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