Helpful Service Providers: COVID 19 Lockdown

We are too knee deep into lock-down extensions, that we can’t even say how long we have been here, and even how much longer this might take. We have sort of figured out our routines by now as we wait for next steps.

A number of organizations are doing amazing things to help Ugandans make this period bearable. They are providing products or services that we need and best of all, they are accessible.

We would like to celebrate them and share about the offers available. They may come in handy to you or someone you know.

Rocket Health, a service of The Medical Concierge Group which offers telemedicine healthcare services, is providing phone consultation with doctors, making doorstep medical services deliveries including vaccinations, checkups, lab sample pick-ups and medicine refills. You can access these services online or by calling their toll-free number, 0800100700.


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