COVIDEX Manufacturer Selects Rocket Health as Distribution Coordinator

Jena Herbals Uganda Limited led by Professor Patrick Ogwang has selected Rocket Health, Uganda’s leading telemedicine as well as last-mile pharmacy and laboratory service provider as a distribution coordinator of their new herbal drug, COVIDEX.

On Tuesday 29th June 2021, COVIDEX was approved by the National Drug Authority as a supportive treatment for viral infections such as COVID-19. The medication has been tested on several patients and has been proved to be effective in clearing symptoms associated with the virus such as dry cough and running nose.

Speaking at the press conference today, Professor Ogwang (COVIDEX inventor and lead scientist) said, “Several individuals and entities have escalated the price for a single bottle of COVIDEX which has compelled us to streamline our distribution channels. We have partnered with accredited pharmacies such as Rocket Health to ensure that clients get a genuine product at a fair and affordable price.” He added, “This will also combat the distribution of counterfeit products that may infiltrate the market.”

The Managing Director of Rocket Health, Dr Davis Musinguzi pointed out, “From the onset of the pandemic and the lockdown, Rocket Health has demonstrated its ability to offer convenient healthcare services through telemedicine and last-mile medicine deliveries to Ugandans across the country. To ensure that there is equitable distribution of Jena Herbal products, particularly COVIDEX, we have lined up a network of courier service providers who will extend the products to clients countrywide.” 

For ease of access, Rocket Health has added COVIDEX and other Jena Herbal products to the e-commerce site, the USSD code *280*3# and the online shop on Jumia and SafeBoda. Individuals will be allowed to procure up to five (5) units of COVIDEX at any given time. Licenced and registered medical facilities like pharmacies, clinics and hospitals will be required to register for bulk purchases and have the Rocket Health pharmacy deliver to their locations. 


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About Jena Herbals Uganda Limited

Jena Herbals Uganda Limited is a local herbal medicine manufacturer led by Professor Patrick Ogwang. Professor Ogwang, who founded Jena Herbals in 2004, has been actively involved in research with notable achievements in the development of safe and effective herbal medicines. The company manufactures other products which include Jena Artavoplus for malaria and boosting immunity,  Jena HT for hypertension, Artemune for boosting CD4 count, Jena SM for sickle cell disease, Jenah DS for cough, Jena Tooth Heal among others.

About Rocket Health 

Rocket Health is a direct-to-consumer service of The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG), an African digital health and telemedicine company that connects patients to healthcare providers and services via information and communication technologies. With telemedicine experience spanning 9 years, Rocket Health allows patients to have remote consultations with a medical doctor, have their medical tests done at the time and place of their convenience, order for pharmacy deliveries, home vaccinations services and schedule visits to the clinic.

For further information contact: 

Ms Arinaitwe Sandra,
Marketing Manager, Rocket Health. 

Mr Jjuko Derrick,
Marketing Manager, Jena Herbals Uganda Limited. 

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