Job Advert: Technical Field Personnel (Nurse, Lab Technicians, Clinical Officer)

Job Title: Technical Field Personnel (Nurse, Lab Technician, Clinical Officer)

Reporting to: Operations Officer

Duty Station: Field

Job Purpose

The technical field personnel will be responsible for collecting laboratory samples for testing including blood and other specimens from customers to facilitate laboratory investigations, delivering pharmacy orders (prescription medicines, non-prescription medicines and combinations) to customers, administering vaccines and billing clients (on insurance and non-insurance) on behalf of The Medical Concierge Group.

The field personnel will work closely with the laboratory and pharmacy departments to ensure that customer specimens are collected and delivered to the laboratory properly while maintaining specimen integrity, the right medicines of the right dosages are delivered to clients under the right conditions, and vaccines of assured quality are administered to customers while ensuring excellent customer care.

Duties and responsibilities;

        • Receive processed orders and double-check their accuracy together with the Logistics officer to ensure that the order and delivery locations are correct.
        • Communicate with the customer to inform them about their pending delivery, and confirm the delivery address, and time. 
        • Deliver medicines and other off-the-counter items as prescribed or requested by the clients while adhering to the delivery instructions and plan from the Logistics Officer as well as the laid out Standard Operating Procedures.
        • Provide drug information to customers upon delivery of their medication as per Pharmacy dispensing protocols, to ensure good adherence and outcomes.
        • Upon administering vaccines, provide guidance on how to manage any extreme pain or other resulting outcomes.
        • Participate in periodic physical stock counts to reconcile physical stock quantities with electronic stock records.
        • Utilize all tools and systems provided at each point of order delivery to update the status of each order appropriately in real-time.
        • Ensure that consent forms are completely filled as required before collection of any Laboratory test samples. 
        • Collect, package seal, label and handle test specimens using a high level of integrity through the most technically appropriate methods as guided by the TMCG Laboratory quality policy and standard operating procedures.
        • Perform rapid screening procedures where applicable as directed by the standard operating procedures.
        • Deliver the collected Laboratory test samples to the receiving laboratory in the manner as prescribed by the standard operating procedures, within the stipulated turnaround times.
        • Provide feedback from TMCG customers to facilitate improvements in customer service delivery. 
        • Participate in and support all TMCG quality assurance and quality improvement programs.
        • Perform any other related task that may be assigned.

Qualifications and Experience

        • Certificate, or  Diploma in Nursing/ Comprehensive Nursing, Diploma in Clinical Medicine/Orthopedic/Pharmacy/medical laboratory science field. 
        • Minimum of 2 years relevant working experience in a busy health setting
        • Must be registered with the relevant professional body and hold a valid practising license.
        • Proficiency with computers and technology i.e. the person should be adept at typing, Microsoft Office products, email, social media, and search tools.

Job Skills and personal specification

        • Excellent communication skills in fluent English.
        • High standards of ethics and confidentiality to handle sensitive information and able to follow policies and procedures.
        • Ability to follow instructions and with keen attention to detail.
        • Ability to work well individually and within a team.
        • Ability to exercise good judgment and proactivity.
        • Flexible with the ability to work well under pressure and in changing environments.
        • High levels of organization and concentration.
        • Good grasp of computer skills.
        • Competence in motorcycle riding is a must.

Person Specifications

        • Team Work
        • Integrity
        • Innovation
        • Quality
        • Customer service

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Deadline:  25th September, 2023

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